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Remember All Main Features Clock and Worldclock Display Time and optional Date in any Timezone. Reminder Alarm yourself for an oncoming event. Let it repeat itself every day, week, month, year ... Timer Use this countdown for cooking eggs, countdown hours at work ... After countdown is done, it give you an alarm, and reset it's original start-time. Sticky Notes Create as many notes on your desktop as you need, add a reminder to it, choose a nice color ... If needed, print it out. Shopping list At work or at home, every time you think about something you need to get from your favorite shop, add it to the shoppinglist. Make as many as you need, and give them all a name. When ready to go to the shop, just print it out and go shopping ... You don't need to start over every time, just put some items to "0". It remember everything you entered before, and works with a suggestion list. A Remember ALL tray To organize all thoose nice remembers, there is a "Remember Tray", where you can put your most important remembers. On every item ... Every item you can pin on your Desktop, place it infront of all other windows (on top), resize, color, name it. Organize even more ... You can have lists of all your items in one window per type of item. Means you can have eg. get a list of all your notes in the system. Handy when you "hide" some items. You can try Remember ALL for free!

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